Buzz Oates
Phil Oates Chairman of Board of Buzz Oates Leadership

Phil Oates

Larry Allbaugh CEO of Buzz Oates Leadership

Larry Allbaugh

Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Ramos Buzz Oates Chief Investment Officer

Kevin Ramos

Chief Investment Officer
BOC President Denny Boom

Denny Boom

President of Buzz Oates Construction, Inc.
Amy Lerseth Buzz Oates Leadership

Amy Lerseth

Executive Vice President, Business Operations
Kimberly Chambers Buzz Oates Leadership

Kimberly Chambers

Executive Vice President of Finance
Troy Estacio Buzz Oates Leadership

Troy Estacio

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Development Services
Brian Marty Buzz Oates Leadership

Brian Marty

Senior Vice President, Legal Counsel
Lori Raderschadt-Guyton Senior Vice President Organization Development

Lori Raderschadt-Guyton

Senior Vice President, Organization Development