Lori Raderschadt – Guyton

Senior Vice President, Organization Development


With a focus on facilitating strategic, administrative and organizational change to better the organization, Lori leads by example. Within her position she directs all administrative functions including administrative support, human resources, organizational development, training, leadership development and internal communications.  Lori is a change management professional with over 20 years of experience guiding business through the inherent transitions common to all organizations. Lori actively works to shape the corporate culture to promote collaborative environments with strengthened interpersonal relationships that produce creative solutions.  She also provides employee coaching for maximum job performance and efficiency.

Prior to Buzz Oates Lori was the VP of Human Resources for Powerworx Online and First Premier Bank. She is also the owner of Traits Plus in which she is a Change Management and Organization Development consulting coach. Her approach forges the link between culture, business strategy, people and processes. Her philosophy is: “People who work within their natural talents and strengths are fulfilled and self-motivated.” Lori received her Master’s in Organization Leadership with an emphasis in Executive Leadership and also has a BA in Organization Development with a minor in Psychology. She is certified in trait assessment and 360 tools.

Lori is a, member of SAHRA, volunteer career coach for various organizations and a leader in marriage ministry. During her leisure time, Lori enjoys spending time with her husband Brian. Both she and Brian love to entertain in their Sacramento home. They enjoy live music, summer picnics and events around the Sacramento area.