Phil Oates



Phil Oates is chairman of the board for Buzz Oates, a leading commercial real estate developer in the Greater Central Valley of California. He is responsible for leading the company’s community affairs while respecting the heritage and faith of his iconic entrepreneurial father, Buzz Oates.

Phil is also a local owner of the Sacramento Kings. Passionate about his community and the future of the city, Oates was one of the original investors instrumental in keeping the Kings in Sacramento.

A frequent speaker for Rotary, 2030 Club, Christian Business Roundtable and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Phil focuses most of his professional endeavors toward sports, community and charity. Oates was honored for his impactful contributions to Sacramento’s Positive Coaching Alliance at its Youth Sports Award event.  The event is held each year to honor those who have demonstrated what it means to be a Triple-Impact Professional individual.

Prior to Buzz Oates, Phil held a high school and elementary school teaching credential. Phil earned a B.A. in Teaching with an emphasis in Psychology from Bethany College. In 1978, he left teaching to join his father in the family business, learning every aspect; from property management to eventual leadership within the organization. He continues to provide a bridge between the company and growing multi-generational needs of the Oates family.

Buzz Oates is prominently involved in local philanthropic efforts that support faith-based fundraising, children’s causes and education through its Marvin “Buzz” Oates Charitable Foundation that continues to honor and promote the legacy of his father. A great example of this effort, in alliance with Destiny Church, Buzz Oates and the Sacramento Kings, is an event where over 4,000 children from 10 different Sacramento schools received bikes and toys during the holidays.

Phil and Jana Oates have been married for more than 35 years and have three children and one grandson.